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Razix Software
We like to the put the smarts in "smartphones" - creating utility and entertainment mobile applications since 2001. In addition to mobile application development Razix Software has a strong background in web based database solutions.
iOS app development@ Razix Software
We have been developing iOS apps since the app store launched in July 2008. We have touched upon just about every iOS specific API from iAD framework, IAP (in app purchases), Game Center and other exciting technologies such as augmented reality and social network integration.
Palm OS app development@ Razix Software
There is something special about being able to have the power of an entire computer that is connected to the internet in the palm of your hand - that is what attracted us to mobile app development. We have been developing Palm based smartphone apps long before the iPhone existed and all our Palm OS apps are FREE!

iPhone / iPod / iPad Applications

Sudoku Lens Sudoku Lens
Sudoku Lens the augmented reality Sudoku solver!
This automatic sudoku solver works with the standard 9×9 sudoku puzzle grid.
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Hang Face Hang Face
How well do you really know your facebook “friends”?
Prove your friendship by saving them from being hanged!
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iComplain iComplain – Automatic Complaint Letter Generator
Are you upset with a person or a company?
Create wild and funny complaints on the go with iComplain!
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Social Stick Fight Social Stick Fight
Find out who is more popular by having your friend’s battle each other using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. See how they rank up against each other, or how YOU rank up against them!
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Sir Real Eye Sir Real Eye
Sir Real Eye is so realistic, so freaky and so insanely infectious, the programmers are actually in therapy. Poke a realistic eye – add your own voice!
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iCracked iCracked
iCracked lets you relieve stress by placing a photo of who ever or what ever you want and then smash the photo over and over again. You can choose different sounds and crack types. A great app for pranks! Learn More
Contact Spy Contact Spy
How well do you really know who is in your contacts list?
Quickly search people or companies and easily update your contact info. Who knows what you will find?
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iBeam iBeam
iBeam allows you to instantly “beam” (send) contact information and photos directly to another iPhone over wifi or to any other device via email. You can quickly select the contact fields you want to send.
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