My Location

My Location

My Location

For GSM Palm Treo 650, 680, Centro

Google Maps is one of the most useful applications on the Treo series of phones. When the “My Location” feature from Google was released, it made the application even better. However, Google was not able to make this feature available for the Treo series. I love Google and a good challenge… as a result, I bring you “MyLocation” for the Palm Treo Series. This application uses the current Google Maps (ver:, consider it a “patch” to the Google Maps application.


  • GSM / Palm OS Based Treo (650,680,Centro)
  • Google Maps installed

It does not work with CDMA (Sprint / Verizon) based Treo’s (700p,755, etc.)


This product is FREE (freeware) and is not associated with Google in any manner.  For your peace of mind this software does not record or make your location information availalble to anyone. Your Treo interacts anonymously and there is no way for anyone else to locate you. Registration is required to install this software and is only used to control the distribution of the software.