iCracked v1.0


Are you all cracked up because of a recent breakup or fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is your boss driving you nuts? iCracked lets you relieve stress by placing a photo of who ever you want and then smash the photo over and over again. You can choose different sounds, crack types as well as the frame surrounding your photo.


iCracked started out life as a “gag” application. It was designed so you can play a prank on your friends so that when they ask you to use your precious iphone, you launch the program, and hand them the phone… when they touch the screen it would crack and you can make them feel guilty. Apple review team however did not like this and it was rejected, and it has been in review/rejection hell for almost 7 months! This app was originally published over xmas 2008, when all the fart apps were dominating the store, I felt there needed to be a more classy gag application. It appears that Apple will not allow any app that simulates a hardware failure, and a cracked screen is a hardware failure, to get around this, a frame was added to the app so that it no longer can be used to simulate a hardware failure but instead a simulation of a glass picture frame cracking.