Sudoku Lens

Sudoku Lens

Sudoku Lens the augmented reality Sudoku solver!

This automatic sudoku solver works with the standard 9×9 sudoku puzzle grid.


  • Point video camera at Sudoku puzzle and it will automatically show the solution on top of the puzzle in real time.
  • Show or hide different sections.
  • Ability to pause result.
  • Select solid or transparent result background.

Great tool to help you if you get stuck with a puzzle or something new to show off with your iPhone.

Tips for optimal use:

  1. Make sure your lens is clean
  2. Hold camera directly above the puzzle (not at an angle)
  3. Try to fill the puzzle as large as you can in the frame without going outside the viewing area.
  4. Hold the camera as steady as you can, the longer you hold it the more accurate the result will get.
  5. You can pause result and click on sections to show or hide a section.

note: results may vary depending on the font/style of the sudoku puzzle.